ThoughtSpot Beyond 2019 surpassed all expectations! With keynotes from top industry leaders, an amazing product roadmap for 2020, ample networking opportunities with delegates from some of the most exciting companies on the planet… it’s safe to say Beyond 2019 was a grand slam – easily one of the most valuable analytics events of the year. 

Coming off the back of the Theia and ThoughtSpot technology partnership announcement (read more), we wanted to highlight the value of using embedded analytics, using ThoughtSpot inside of Theia’s Insight Hub.

With the Major League Baseball World Series underway, Theia brought a fully equipped pitching cage (you couldn’t miss it) to test the pitching speeds of the willing delegates who dared to give it a go. The results were surprising and did not disappoint!

Theia collected data on the speed of each pitch, top speed, and the average pitching speed, funnelled into ThoughtSpot within the Theia Insight Hub. Here we could rank and display each delegate’s performance back out to the conference, in real-time, and find out who had the strongest arm.

We augmented the results by adding professional baseball data into Theia’s Analytics Hub from other BI tools (PowerBI and Tableau), YouTube and other custom RSS feeds. This way, we could show the whole story through a single Gameboard.

We also customized it by branding it to match the official MLB color scheme (red, white and blue), which is easy to do when creating a Theia Gameboard.

When speaking to delegates, it was quickly agreed this was a valuable way to demonstrate how Theia could empower business users in an enterprise environment to make better, faster decisions by being able to interact with multiple analytical data sources and information in a single platform.

Congratulations to our 3 winners for pitching the top speeds over the course of the conference:

  1. Kevin Clarke – Progressive Leasing (76MPH)
  2. Brandon Westmoreland – ALSAC  St. Jude (68MPH)
  3. George Howard – Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (64MPH)