Embedding ThoughtSpot in Theia

Use ThoughtSpot Seamlessly With All Of Your BI Tools 

Introducing new technology and managing multiple BI tools is a growing pain of analytics maturity. Theia’s Analytics Hub improves tool adoption and the impact of your BI investments on outcomes by consolidating reports, dashboards, and visualizations from all of your BI tools in a single location. Now, end-users know there is one place to find and explore enterprise information – the analytics hub.

Give users the ability to:

  • Organize, favorite, and share Pinboards and Answers in a curated Analytics Catalog alongside content from other BI tools.
  • Use SpotIQ seamlessly within a tailored analytics hub, alongside data stories from other BI tools.
  • Embed training, tips, and tutorials within the analytics hub to support data literacy and drive adoption of ThoughtSpot.
  • Monetize ThoughtSpot as a tool for clients and partners using Theia as an external Analytics Portal.


Multiple Business Systems, Single
Entry Point

Clarity embedded ThoughtSpot alongside their existing BI solutions, creating a unified platform and seamless experience for their end-users. 

Download the full case study and learn how Clarity got ahead of the competition by leveraging ThoughtSpot and Theia capabilities to develop Go2Insight, an award-winning customer insights portal.

case study

Bringing Answers, Pinboards & Spot IQ Together In A Single View

See Theia in Action

Book a demo and see ThoughtSpot work its magic inside Theia!

Connectors of Theia

See Theia in Action

Book a demo and see ThoughtSpot work its magic inside Theia!