Centralize Healthcare Analytics and Access Everything from a Single Place

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Streamline Processes Across Multiple Channels with Theia’s Healthcare Analytics Hub

Hospitals and health systems continue to invest in data analytics, but too often a fragmented, decentralized approach to analytics delivery models results in excessive costs, inefficiency and missed opportunities to improve patient care.

Designed for the end-user, through a single entry point, Theia’s healthcare analytics hub/portal transforms the way in which clinicians, patients and insurers access analytics content and information from within multiple systems. Theia’s healthcare analytics hub can help eliminate the fragmentation of multiple systems that offer conflicting advice.

Get the datasheet and learn how Theia can help you: 

  • Centralize analytics from multiple systems, creating a single version of the truth
  • Have a consistent view of a patient and prioritize care plans or interventions accordingly
  • Access information and patient data in real-time and take the right course of action
  • Enable shared decision making between patients and provider
  • Improve quality, lower costs, identify risk and better understand the performance

Uncover Insights From Multiple Systems

Single Entry Point     |      Fully Customizable      |      Visibly Stunning

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Theia connects to any business system, giving users real-time access through a single portal.

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Each persona can quickly create a customized ‘Gameboard’ made up of the data assets they need and regularly use.

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Drive business performance by using the existing BI assets in one uniformed analytics portal.

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