Healthcare Analytics Hub

Providing quicker access to information, driving better outcomes.

Get direct access to information

Theia’s healthcare analytics hub/portal provides users with direct access to all information, data and dashboards. Regardless of what technology, department or location assets have been created and are stored in, everyone can access them in a single place. 

Having a centralized place for everything to ‘live’, gives clinicians, patients and insurers the ability to quickly search, find and source new and relevant information. It can also help users source information that was once unknown to them.

Theia makes it easy for users to share relevant insights with peers and give real-time feedback, helping to improve data quality along the way.


Everything you need in a single place

Centralized analytics can improve quality, lower costs, identify risk and better
understand performance.


Clinicians and other healthcare professionals need to provide quality care for patients at all times. This makes access to patient records, research documentation, personal KPIs and other information from different systems critical. 


Improving patient data access through an analytics hub/portal will help to streamline the healthcare environment, improving patient engagement and enabling shared decision-making between patients and providers. 


Direct access to information and patient data in real-time can help insurers better understand their patients, stay informed of any recent medical care provided, costs and help identify anomalies such as fraudulent claims quicker.

The industry is rapidly reaching a point where its dependencies on real-time exchange of data and information far exceed its preparedness to deliver.


Driving data-led decision making in healthcare

Regardless if you are an individual, an employer, care facility, or part of an insurance provider organization, Healthcare is a complex and critical aspect of life for everyone.

The information needed to make decisions understand performance, spot trends or outliers, is more often than not stored in a variety of silos and accessed by a number of analytical and visualization applications. This becomes increasingly time-consuming to manage, it is not streamlined or cost-effective for the organization. In some scenarios, real-time insight can be critical to the outcome and the patient.

An analytics hub centralizes all information and data assest held in multiple systems, giving users a complete picture of what’s going on so they can make decisions with complete confidence.  


Centralizing analytics in healthcare


A healthcare analytics hub can streamline processes across multiple channels, allowing parts of the organization who have siloed data and visualizations to collaborate and communicate in ways not previously possible.


Why A Healthcare Analytics Hub?

Help drive change and move healthcare closer to value-based care. 

Integrated Applications

Connect existing BI solutions and file systems and provide users with a seamless and productive way of accessing all information assets from one place.

Analytics Catalog

Organize content in a structure that makes sense to your end-users. Encourage the ability to tag, favorite, rate and comment on content, adding a valuable feedback loop.

Global  Search

Say goodbye to wasting time sifting through multiple applications, searching for specific files or reports. Search, find and execute content from any application instantly.


Regardless of the system information is stored in, users can quickly create customized ‘Storyboards’,  made up of the data assets they need and regularly use.

External Portal

Create a self-service analytics portal, giving individuals outwith your organization direct to information. This friendly and intuitive experience will provide extra value to your customers.

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