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Pomona College

Higher Education Analytics Hub

At Pomona College, there was a mandate to drive efficiencies across all faculties, increase productivity and manage stakeholder SLAs without increasing the size of the reporting team. 

To meet this goal, Pomona College required a sophisticated analytics hub that would bring multiple BI applications and information systems together, making it easier and less time consuming for users to find valuable information.

Pomona College successfully implemented Theia, internally branded as ConnectTo, and has since won a National Silver CASE Award for their work making analytics more accessible and valuable to the institution.

Single User Experience

Creating an Analytics Hub

Consolidating their BI tools and information systems has provided Pomona with a single entry point of entry to everything, simplified user’s access to all of the information, saving time while significantly boosting user interaction and encouraging decisions to be made based on the data. 

challenges included:
  • Multiple systems, multiple log-ins and passwords
  • Users were having to keep track of too many links
  • Users did not know where to look for a report
  • With so many reports, there was not an easy way for users to locate and ‘favorite’ the handful that they used most often?


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Theia is really genius in this new environment. It’s the most amazing thing I have seen in 10 years.

Pomona College

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